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19-Aug-03 - 09:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Somebody Else, Not Me (from Dave Van Ronk
Subject: RE: Need Lyrics, Van Ronk's Somebody Else Not Me
My father had a recording of this poem on an old '78 record and I remember this second verse:

Ivory bones with ebony dots
Oft times lead to cemetary lots
The game last night brought on a fight
That ended up in pistol shots

Now I was furthest from the door
(the others all got there before)
And a brother on the floor lay dead
While through the transom somebody said:

Now somebody's got to stay behind
Yes, sombody's got to remain
So when the police officers, When they arrive
To explain why this brother's no longer alive.

The man who stays behind and sees this whole thing through
A real hero is going to be...

Yes, sir, that's a wonderful chance for somebody
It's gotta be somebody else, not me.