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Posted By: Shonagh
20-Aug-03 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cock a doodle doo
Subject: Lyr Add: COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO (from George McWIlliam)
I know different version of this. This is George McWilliams' version:

(sung by George McWIlliam, Elgin)

1. Ae Seterday aifterneen, I gaed oot for a walk.
I walked right up to the Overgate and I cam upon a shop.
The lady was selling birds. She was sellin' her final stock.
I handed her a half a croon she handed me a—

CHORUS: Cock-a-doodle-doo!
It's nothing tae dae wi you.
It's a jolly fine bird and it's aa' I've got.
It's ma cock-a-doodle-doo!

2. I thocht I wid tak it hame, so I stuffed in it ma coat.
I hadnae gone sae very far when the cock began tae craw.
I wifie wis passing by. She got sic an affa shock.
She says, "Hey Jock, ma lad, yer gaun tae lose yer—"

3. Tae get ma rooster hame I got ontae a bus.
I sat doon in a corner seat awa fae aa the fuss.
The folk cam crowdin on. I squeezed up tae the top.
"Excuse me, madam, " I shouted. "Ye've sat doon upon ma—"

4. I went oot in a boat. The boat began tae rock.
I fell intae the water and a fish got a huad o ma—" *

5. But at last I got it hame. I stuck it in a cage
Beside an auld grey feathered hean. They baith flew in a rage.
The wifie next door cam in. She says, "What's the matter, Jock?"
Says I, "That auld grey feathered hen is scratchin' at ma—"

*Singer only sang 2 lines for this verse. The melody begins on the final note of line 3.

The notes say: A song in the music-hall tradition, where humour sometimes was a bit raunch, but there never has been anything wrong with a good belly laugh now and then! Its the kind of comic song to be sung straight-faced or with an expression of outraged innocence when the audience laughs.