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Posted By: catspaw49
29-Jul-99 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: I'm sooo proud of P.J.
Subject: RE: I'm sooo proud of P.J.
Hey PJ....Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, but CONGRATS!!!!!!! I think everyone has given you some great words of encouragement and once again the redoubtable (means you doubt him repeatedly) Mr. Thieme has expressed it well. You're off to a flying start! And speaking of flying............

I happened to hear from someone who was there that the initial crowd reaction was not due to your performance. I guess they were in a nauseous kind of shock from the preceding act. It seems some jackwad in fishnets and a half gorilla suit climbed to a platform 90 foot in the air. Then, with a match held to his ass, he leapt into space, did a full gainer, ignited a huge fart, and rocketed down into a fireman's helmet filled with banana Jell-O and possum fat. My source tells me that the impact created a cranial-rectal inversion and when the gorilla head popped out of his anal sphincter, 3 people fainted and 2 had to be rushed to the NYCFTTS where it seems their prognosis is NOT good. So don't worry about that first couple minutes, just be careful next time to see who you are following.

And be sure to call poor old Seed(repeatedly) before your next show. He's blaming his forgetfulness on aging. Well, that's a part of it, plus he's a banjo player.......but I think the real root cause of his problem is just that...eating roots. Are you guys aware of his diet? Gawdamitey...what a load of unpalatable goo. Does he really eat that stuff? What does his kitchen smell like? Now I know the boy has a better heart than I do, but what good is living if you're eating spore infested, mildewing, leaves and fungus? Where does he shop? The Ewell Gibbons Memorial All Natural Market? Keericed!!! Mercury is natural, but I ain't puttin' it in the GRAVY! Try to talk to him about this as I feel it's causing a cessation of alpha wave activity.

Once again Peej..a big STANDING OVATION (one of mine's standing in the corner)....and I hope I get to Quakeland again soon....this time to hear you. Or are you and Dave gonna' make it to the Possum Fest in Ohio?