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Posted By: akenaton
24-Aug-03 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: the blue doo
Subject: RE: the blue doo
Aye very good Martha...Iv actually eaten doos...My uncle kept racing pidgeons and got so exasperated by their performance that he put them all in the stew pot..
the second verse of "the blue doo"
Noo this doo was seek
It hid hurtit its beak
Jist wae stabbin a daud o hard breid
When alang came a boy ,jist a durty wee boy..
Wi beasts on es heid
Noo the wee boy says jings
Ah love aw things wi wings
An he gied the wee doo a big cuddle
He sortit its beak ..he jist gied it a tweak
An he saffind its breid in a puddle...