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Posted By: akenaton
25-Aug-03 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: the blue doo
Subject: RE: the blue doo
Thats good Marta...Its one of the very few Matt McGinn LPs I havnt got....and Iv never heard the poem before..I knew Matt quite well in his singing days and he had a really surreal sense of humour..a lovely man..Anyway the memory loss is easing off a wee bit and iv got the last verse of the blue doo...

   So you folks tak heed
   Ayeways saffen doos breid
   An nivir hit boys wi beasts on thir heid
   For it might be the boy who wis good tae the doo
   An if your bad tae him....
   The doo wull get YOU

   At the last word Matt would slap the top of his heid as if shat on
   by the doo    All the best Ake.