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Posted By: Dave Swan
30-Jul-99 - 01:27 PM
Thread Name: I'm sooo proud of P.J.
Subject: RE: I'm sooo proud of P.J.
(PJ here, on Dave's computer)

Thanks, Mick, Lloyd, Art, everybody- I'm so grateful for your encouragement, and I hope you won't mind giving a little advice to the new kid from time to time...

Fadac- Looks like the next round will be this Sunday night at the Starry Plough. I'm pretty sure seed's going to sing as well, so be there or be rectangular.

Mudjack- When ya' comin, hon? If this is a real possibility and not just an idle threat, there are a couple of places you've got to go with us. You'll lose your mind (and a substantial amount of your paycheck) at Down Home Music (Arhoolie Records) and you can even catch a glimpse of the famous and highly exclusive Quinn's Lighthouse in addition to our other haunts like the Plough. We'll have to put together a session at our house as well, so you can meet seed, Fadac, Winters Wages, Jed 'n all his kin...

'Spaw- Why don't you borrow one o' those Oklahoma fresh fish trucks and drive on out while Mudjack's here? We've got a guestroom with your name on it. Sadly, we won't be able to make it to the Ohio Possum Festival this year, but seeing as how you're practically family, I'll send you my own personal recipe which you may enter in the cookoff.

It's a lovely 'armadillos rockefeller' presentation I like to call "Possum on the Half Shell". Jello sauce optional. When I was a sweet young thing that recipe won me 2nd place at the Georgia Poodle Shoot and Barbeque, just behind Maddie Lou Noseworthy's "Gingham Duck and Whomp Bisquit Casserole". The casserole wasn't really that good, but rumor had it that Maddy Lou had influenced the judge that year at a private tinflute performance. She was one of the Noseworthy sisters, well known for their negative tooth-to-tattoo ratio and indelicate virtue. But I digress...

If you come to visit I promise you can dictate your own menu, I'll fix you and seed separate meals when he comes over. Still, you might consider keeping an open mind, I am confident you could come to appreciate a Berkeley diet of shoots and leaves (obvious panda jokes aside), seeing as your palate regularly tolerates tonguing the fipple end of a possum. No matter, I'll protect you from foreign objects in your jello and uncalled for John Denver references. I would, however pay good money to see you in fishnet stockings. Maybe a little duet from you and Dave in gorilla suits? This is gonna require a LOT of Jack & Coke.

xoxo PJ