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Posted By: Philippa
30-Jul-99 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Ailiu Eanai
Subject: relax, don't worry
Alice, if you post it again, it should be okay. When Mudcat was technically revamped earlier this year, all the letters with accent marks, umlauts and so on (letters not on the ordinary keyboard) were transmuted. New lyrics were appearing okay, but there was so much old stuff damaged that apparently somebody wisely changed the filter so that the previously archived lyrics were restored. Any lyrics added since then are appearing okay too, while the small number of lyrics added during the interval before the repair was done look funny (as you can see)
Although if you post exactly what you did before it should look alright, the safest thing to do is to use html codes in place of the accented letters. - in case the filter is changged again - I've been adding these to some of my more recent postings by using 'find' and 'replace' functions to change all the relevant letters (thus for example I can change all of the é s in a document in one fell swoop). I think the codes or a link to them are in the html thread, courtesy Joe offer as far as I recall.