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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Aug-03 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
President Bush made a emergency broadcast to the nation this morning:

On August 27, 2003, a day which will live in incompetence, the military forces of the Empire of Mars did launch a dastardly and unprovoked surprised attack upon the peace-loving inhabitants of Idaho, USA...and a variety of other places (but who cares about those, cos most of 'em were in foreign countries which aren't American...yet). This attack came even as the lying Martian envoys were conducting supposedly normal diplomatic discussions with American officials in Washington and trying to determine how we pronounce the word "nukular" on this planet. The perfidy of this unprovoked attack is unrivalled in the history of the Universe and shall be met with a grim resolve by we, the innocent victims of this vile aggression! Never before in the history of mankind has anyone committed such pointless and an attack on a peace-loving people as the Martian attack of August 27th! It will not go unanswered! Even now I am preparing a proposal for Congress to allocate funds sufficient to mount a punitive expeditionary force to invade Mars within the next 12 months, this force to be launched in an operation which I have decided to call "OPERATION IMMEASURABLE FREEDOM"...or "OIF".

I want to bring attention to the fact that the Evil Martian Empire sent their troops in claiming the right to "pre-emptive attack in self-defense", as if that was a justification for what can only be seen as naked aggression!

Furthermore, they claimed that we had "weapons of mass destruction" capable of destroying an entire planet. Ha! Where?...I say where?...are those weapons of mass destruction??? Nowhere! That's where. They lied through their teeth, folks, and I am not gonna let 'em get away with it.

They also claimed that we assisted Ming the Merciless of Venus in blowing up that clam bar in Kel'th'a'pathlz'ne' the Martian capital last year. Another blatant lie! We can't stand Ming the Merciless and would feed him into a meat grinder if we ever got the chance to. Ming hates us and we hate him. End of story.

Well, those Martian dimwits have made a big mistake. All around me I can feel the righteous anger of America building like a mighty wave of vengeance that will cause fat guys to get off their couches, drop their can of Coors, and grab for their shootin' irons, and get ready to sweep the Evil Martian Empire off the face of the Earth! Well, no, I mean off the face of the Universe...assuming the Universe has a face...well, you know what I mean! We're gonna get 'em! We're gonna smoke 'em out! And we're not stoppin' until the job is done!

Hear this Mars! America is coming!!!