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Posted By: Peter Timmerman
05-Aug-97 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
Subject: RE: Alison Krauss show in New Jersey
I am back with my shiny two cents as ever, and I strongly complain. Direct copying of advertising is the thin edge of the biggest wedge of our time: the blurring of public space into commercial space. If Susan (Hi Susan!) had said, has anyone noticed that there is an Alison Krauss concert, and the advertising isn't there, and isn't she great, and here are the numbers to call, that is great. That is information restructured by a member of this group, and changed. And I have no objection at all to clearly labelled advertising elsewhere to fund this space. But this is over the line, and if you lose that line, you will lose this space. A worse example is the broadcasting of commercial news into public schools, but the principle is the same. It is like a cell: a cell is kept integrated and functioning because it has a cell wall, a membrane for turning the outside into the inside by choice and reinterpretation of incoming material. A group is very similar and very sensitive. Stop doing this!!!Cease, desist!!!!! Yours, Peter