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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
02-Sep-03 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: New Folk Club 9in Hull)
Subject: RE: New Folk Club 9in Hull)
Yes, it's 9PM start Beardy.Though Les suggested to me that a beginers session/workshop from 8.30 till 9.00 could be a good idea, I agreed with his suggestion, so if anyone is intersted in this idea, you could go at 8.30pm.
I have recieved a few PM's about this from various people, asking about the format, who are we going to book? etc.
The format is whatever people prefer, there is a small stage there, but nobody is forced to use it, I'm not sure yet, who we are going to book, it depends on interest.I have decided that the first 4 weeks wil be singers/musicians nights and will be free admission to get people interested.
I would like to stress that this is not a Mudcat event, but an event where Mudcatters along with everyone else are welcome.
So if any non member is reading this, you will be as welcome as anyone else.
I would also like to stress that all singers/musicians regardless of age, ability or nationality are welcome.There is a large Kurdish community in Hull, many of whom are musicians, also my boss [Bangladeshi], plays the flute, I have told him he is welcome to come along and play a couple of tunes.
Also if anyone is just starting out in folk singing/ playing and wants an oppertunity to have a go at stuff in front of an appreciative audience then feel free, many of the folkies around here Les, Mick etc have got years of experience, and I'm sure they will pass on any tips/advice etc.
I would like to publicly thank everybody that has offered their support, a couple of people have refered to this as my new folk club, it isn't, it's everybodys! All I did was book the room!
There will be no rules as such, but I would like to politely request that the tables on the left as you walk in be reserved for non-smokers, [the tables on the right have windows above them that we can open].
Hopefully see you all in there!