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Posted By: Bill D
02-Sep-03 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Thought a Day: The Hammerskold Paradox
Subject: RE: Thought a Day: The Hammerskold Paradox
oh...I got lost in typing and left out one thought: to say that
"it is a fact that people can and do share in each other's dream experiences on the astral plane" supposes a highly subjective definition of 'fact'...and this is why so many debates go nowhere.

You & I may differ on whether you do or do not have these experiences, but in order to discuss it much further, we would have to have a common notion of what constitutes 'fact' and 'proof'. The scientific method tries to codify this, but we humans have the ability to ignore rigid 'rules' and simply state "I don't choose to accept that definition in all circumstances".

*shrug*...I suspect that we cannot argue this point without first doing the meta-argument about 'fact'.