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Posted By: Rick Fielding
02-Sep-03 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Gold.Vanity. Can you REALLY sink a ship?
Subject: RE: Gold.Vanity. Can you REALLY sink a ship?
Thanks for the info folks. Seems to be swinging from a definite "Not on your life" to a resounding "Maybe".

Factors devined from Mudcat opinions:

Attractiveness of Captain's daughter important.
Exact year and type of hull info crucial.
Just what WAS that little device that the cabin boy carried?
Since it's a folk song, is it possible that the cabin boy is really a GIRL...and she used a hat pin....'cuz she had a thing for the Captain's daughter as well.

If the whole crew were standing alongside the edge of the ship on "pee-break" with their sea cocks out, would this have hindered the boy?

Did the Cabin boy have his St John's ambulance badge, 'cuz he sure was a hell of a swimmer.


I LOVE Rory Block's oddball version of this most-recorded song!