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Posted By: Mark Cohen
04-Sep-03 - 11:32 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Good tuner
Subject: RE: Tech: Good tuner
I had the same problem with a (borrowed) IntelliTouch on the high E: it would say, "You're, you're, I mean, you're really flat". I'll try using a different position on the headstock, Clinton, thanks. My Korg, which was "OK", was stolen along with my guitar. I'm going to try out different tuners before I get a new one. (I broke down and bought a new guitar.)

I'm with Don: in a quiet room I prefer tuning by ear. (John Knowles taught me how to tune each string to the A string, which you first tune with a tuning fork.) And people with REALLY good ears can't stand the sound of a guitar that's been tuned with an electronic tuner. But those people are pretty rare!