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Posted By: wysiwyg
05-Sep-03 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Hoot Etiquette
Subject: RE: Hoot Etiquette
If you expect someone else to tune yor instrument for you, it is incumbent upon you to find out, in advance, what personal service will be appreciated in exchange.

It shall not be permissable for any individual to ask for tuning assistance more than 12 times in any calendar year.

Tuning by use of electronic tuners shall suspended when an autoharp (or hammered dulcimer or folk harp) is present. In case of any questions, votes for how to tune are by the number of strings on the instrument-- 1 string = 1 vote. Pipers and other non-stringed-instrument-players shall abide by the majority of votes cast.

All rules are suspended when children who are playing instruments are present, except the rules about breaking instruments, which rules are so severe and lengthy I hesitate to publicize them; also, as such rules differ from state to state, enforcement should be left to local discretion.

It shall be cause for permanent exclusion from future hoots to continue playing a song or tune once any priest present has administrered last rites to said song or tune, having furst declared it a dead horse not to be beaten further. Participants are herby forewarned that "Sweet Betsy From Pike" has been declared dead and buried numerous times already, by virtue of its number of verses, as have been "Kumbaya", "DeColores," and "Amazing Grace," for obvious reasons. "Star of the County Down" also has been cremated, following fistfights breaking out over matters involvng the time signature.