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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphs
06-Sep-03 - 06:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Har! Har! Har! Very funny, human Tweed. Har!

Freds, you still suck and Ralphs hates freds worse than Gollum hates Baggins! Har!

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. Har! Ralphs have a new secret weapon. Har! Ralphs were in a "music store" today and discovered somthing called a "banjo". Har! Banjos were obviously left behind by the last space-faring race that tried to annoy you humans off of this nice little planet. Har! Anyway, Ralphs bought lots of them! Har! Every Ralphs now has a banjo! Har! Ralphs ability to be annoying has been doubled! Har! If that doesn't have you humans off of the planet within a month Ralphs will all learn to sing like Tori Amos! Har! Ralphs playing banjos and singing like Tori Amos! Har! Just the thought of it should be driving you humans to suicide by the millions. Har! Har! Har! Har!