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Posted By: GUEST,TeeJay
06-Sep-03 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Sometimes we stumble onto some of the coolest discussions. Before today, I'd never even heard of a Tipple. My having read the entire thread is merely proof that I ain't right. I just gotta add something to all this... Arthur Murray.. you know, the dance school, says a Charanga is a type of music, Latin in origin,(it may well be a type of instrument too, for all I know) and that the Pachanga is a dance, which is danced to a Charanga, and that the distinction was made to avoid confusion between the two.The pachanga (a mutated form of the cha - cha) was introduced to this country in 1955 by the Cuban Embassy at the Waldorf in NYC (No, the other NYC)by Eduardo Davidson.

Also... a helicopter gets silhouetted...even a black helicopter will appear black against a night sky. If they really wanted to hide them, they would make them light blue. But... then again, how do we know they don't? Ever seen one? The drug cops love to point this out to the MethCookers, just to keep them wondering... This site has some "serious chops" and I'll be back, fer sure. See yas!