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Posted By: Don Firth
07-Sep-03 - 04:17 PM
Thread Name: Hoot Etiquette
Subject: RE: Hoot Etiquette
I checked the photos (waiting for the photo CD Bob sent me—should arrive in tomorrow's mail). Gruesome twosome all right! My gawd, in that bottom shot I look like a beached whale! I wear baggy clothes so I'm comfortable in the wheelchair, so most of that has to be the clothes. I'm actually pretty scrawny and weigh in at about 135 lbs. Bob's looking pretty good though (despite the face and the body).

That's the li'l "Go" travel guitar I've been playing lately. I can play it without any problems while sitting in the wheelchair, whereas with a full-size guitar, the lower bout and the right wheel of the chair want to occupy the same space. It sounds surprisingly loud and full for such a small box.

I hope the CD contains some shots of seven-year-old Lizzie making her performance debut on the fiddle. If so, we ought to post a couple of her, because that may turn out to be a major event. String-smokin', foot-stompin' bluegrass fiddler? Major classical concert soloist? Who knows? (Ah, youth!)

Don Firth