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Posted By: Jim Dixon
08-Sep-03 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: songs by Uncle Dave Macon
Subject: RE: ADD: Uncle Dave Macon Lyrics

There aren't enough syllables for "three or four potatoes" (although that might be the intended meaning). It could be "three-fo' 'tatoes" or "three potatoes." Either way, it sounds odd to me. I would expect him to say either "potatoes" or "taters" but not "'tatoes." On the other hand, why would it be exactly three? Anyway, I decided "three potatoes" was most likely. And since I was uncertain, I decided to document the fact that I had found "grease" and "sweet" in other versions or other people's transcriptions, but I don't hear those words either. I probably should have shown it differently, e.g.

Three potatoes [or "Three-fo' 'tatoes"] in the pan