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Posted By: Marje
08-Sep-03 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Discussion: Songs with Minimal Range
Subject: RE: Discussion: Songs with Minimal Range
The main melody in Beethoven's 9th only uses the notes from the first to the fifth of the scale, expect for one low note.

Err... I haven't quite got the point, have I? Unless you know of any folk songs based on that tune.

But there's always "Go tell Aunt Rhody" and all its variants.

And "Da do ron-ron" will only work for you if you get your backing group to sing the bits that go "da-doo ron-ron-ron", which go down below the three notes of the main tune. Maybe that's the answer - assing the difficult note to a backing group?

But seriously (I suppose someone ought to say this): you almost certainly have the ability to sing a greater range than you have managed so far. Some voice lessons or workshops would very likely extend your range either up or down, so you could have a bigger choice of songs.