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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
08-Sep-03 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: Discussion: Songs with Minimal Range
Subject: RE: Discussion: Songs with Minimal Range
Well Marje:

what you say is true. I'm a bit out of it at the moment, having got some viral muscle thingie that they are not sure what it is, so I'm not singing as well as I used to...

But on a good night I could get 3 octaves, sometimes nearly 3 1/2, thus I could do my own bass and tenor lines (a bit hard at the same time). I never tried to sing falsetto - I had from birth some slight micromotor problems and I never could get falsetto to work properly to hold a note straight.

I just used chest/throat/head and worked to smooth out the transitions.

I could only get the big range shifts to work in a song properly if it was in a very limited range of keys (a few semitones from the median key).

Betthoven's 9th is OK for this list.