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Posted By: Gene
06-Aug-97 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Chicken in Black (from Johnny Cash)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE CHICKEN IN BLACK (from Johnny Cash)
Words and music by Gary Gentry
As recorded by Johnny Cash on "Singles Plus" (2014)

For two long years, my head hurt bad,
So the doctor checked me and shook his head.
He said, "I'm sorry to tell ya, but your body's outlived your brain"
He said, "I know this doctor in New York, son,
And he'll fix you right up with a brand new one"
So the head doctor met me when I stepped down off of the train.

He said, "We had this bank robber killed last night.
His body's shot, but his brain's alright.
I'll give you a transplant, boy, and you'll be O.K."
I got my new brain in and I was feelin' great.
I went right back to Nashville with no headache,
But somethin' strange happened when I walked in the bank one day.

CHORUS: I said, "Stick 'em up, everybody. I'm robbin' this place.
Drop all of your money in my guitar case.
Don't nobody move and don't nobody reach for that door."
A lady said, "Why, you're Johnny Cash".
I said, "No, ma'am. I'm the Manhattan Flash,
And I am the best bank robber in New York."

Now, the other night Roy Acuff called me.
He said, "John, I'd like for you to do the Opry,"
So I went out on the stage but I couldn't sing.
I got into half a verse of "I Walk the Line"
Then somethin' snapped in this head of mine.
I yelled, "Stick 'em up! Give me your money, your watches, and rings."

Well, I called New York and talked to that brain quack.
I said, "Doc, I've got to have my old brain back."
He said, "I'm sorry there, Mr. Cash, but I can't do that."
He said, "I put your brain in a chicken last Monday.
He's singin' your songs and makin' lots of money,
And I got him signed to a ten-year recording contract."

Now, friends, if you see me walkin' down the street,
Remember what you see ain't necessarily me;
And if I try to hold you up, don't pay me no mind;
But when you got ten bucks that you can blow,
You ought to catch that Johnny Chicken Show.
He's doin' fairs and concert dates all up and down the line.


Well, I don't pay any income tax.
You don't pay tax on money you steal.
You oughta catch that Johnny Chicken Show.
Chicken in black!