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Posted By: Raedwulf
10-Sep-03 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Subject: RE: BS: Commemorating 11 September
ard - Lest we forget, Cromwell didn't do the English many favours either. At least, not if you weren't of his narrow school of christer dogma...

He was without fear or favour, he persecuted most everyone that disagreed with him! Even with the rampant Irish Nationalism that often pervades your posts, you can't really blame the English for Cromwell. A large proportion of the English never wanted him either, & fought against him! For several years.

Otherwise, I largely side with heric & Larry. It's almost as good a day to commemorate the slaughter of those that did their duty & those that died as uncomprehending innocents as the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month...

I only wish everyone (but especially the 'leaders' of any community/society) might learn from their past. Alas! Most 'leaders' see only what they want to see, not what really happened...