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10-Sep-03 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Subject: RE: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Well some one should post Blood on the Pitch for Victor Hara and the Chilleans killed in the counter revolution, and I don't have a good one of mine for Cromwell, but here is one almost on target for that...
There is a lot to remember tommorow... No passaran.


Lough Neagh -
Words Lorcan Otway Tune Sally Monroe

Come all ye good people, who toil on the land
and attend to these verses, that you might understand
how an ancient injustice, commenced long ago
still enslaves all the fishers who sail from Ardboe

My name's Brian Hannon, I'm a fisher b' trade
in the town of Ardboe I was born and raised
and well I remember that very first day
that I sailed with my father to fish on Lough Neagh

How bitter for Ulster was fifteen ninety-four
for the loss of our land after the nine year war
Tyrone, Tyrconnell, and McGuire swept away
While our forefathers clung on to harvest Lough Neagh

What cold hearted nation, could remember with pride
the slaughter of parents with babes by their side
When Arthur Chitchester despoiled Lough Neagh's shore
enslaving the fisherfolk, there evermore

All around Dungannon, whole families he slew
he burned all the crops and wee cottages too,
while no reparations could this injustice repay
his descendents extort rent from us to this day

Now we toil on these waters unjust rent to pay
to Anthony Cooper, who now claims Lough Neagh
We toil that he might give one million pounds
to his gold digging third wife if she pouts or frowns

Now pollution has darkened the waters we need
for no absentee landlord could e're fully heed
the loving concern that it takes every day
to preserve the sweet gifts of our treasure, Lough Neagh

For these waters we love, for they've given us life
It's the love that a man only feels for his wife
for these waters have fed us from our people's first day
we're as wed to these waters as the fish of Lough Neagh