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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
10-Sep-03 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Subject: RE: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Here's an article about Bob Holman, who wrote that Guardian letter about Gandhi, who is really something. (I've never met him, but I'd love to someday.) It's from The Big Issue, which is a magazine produced for homeless people to be able to sell on the streets and get back on their feet):

Glimpse of The Future - Bob Holman's Story

In a corner of Easterhouse is a quarter-mile square of land that stands as a microcosm of the past, present and future of the sprawling Glasgow estate. Derelict and squalid council houses, scarred by neglect and graffiti, and rundown school buildings sit next to new developments that are changing the landscape and outlook for residents. In the sunshine outside one close lies a memorial to a young man who recently lost his life - football tops, scarves and flags and flowers. A truly tragic death providing fodder for those who wish to cast a shadow over the housing scheme. In the sunshine, the real story lies in a block of flats where the community works feverishly to preserve and enhance the lives of residents.

Behind a large yellow door are walls painted by children, thought-provoking art depicting broken bricks and inner thoughts. Local residents busy themselves, simply helping out; it is the heart of community activity and provides hope. And, at the centre of it all, geographically speaking, of course, is 65-year-old Bob Holman...

And the rest of the article is on the other side of that link.