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Posted By: Bassic
10-Sep-03 - 08:38 PM
Thread Name: Eliza Carthy on BBC Radio & TV NOW.
Subject: RE: Eliza Carthy on BBC Radio & TV NOW.
and I have found annother pen down the back of the settee so you can keep that one. (I think the problem with the Mercury was that you didnt have your stomping box on stage, that is a good gimmic and the cameras could have taken lots of pictures of you giving it loads of welly and no one else on the show uses one and they would be selling them in toysRus and doing diy kits in B&Q and you could make lots of money that way even if you didnt win and you could get someone to do a version with a midi and have all kinds of drum sounds and other instruments and you wouldnt have to pay for a drummer but I still think you should use real cellos). Never mind tho, next year the BRITS!! :-)