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Posted By: Watson
11-Sep-03 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: Anything else going on in Shropshire?
Subject: RE: Anything else going on in Shropshire?
It was one of those nights that made me think no two sessions are alike, which is one of the reasons we like going so much.
Dave is always good fun - such a varied repertoire - Geordie to Copperhead Road!
Dik Cameron is very professional - I probably wouldn't particularly choose to go to a gig, but there's no question that he added a lot to last night's session.
It was a good night but it was a bit lacking in leadership, there were too many periods of silence between songs where everybody was being much too polite to start without being asked.
That long song? Sir Hubert Vayne? I've known it for years but someone reminded me of it recently. I could say that if I can remember the story I can remember the words, or I could say that if I pick a song nobody can remember nobody knows if I cock it up!