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Posted By: Beardy
11-Sep-03 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Subject: RE: BS: Commemorating 11 September
Thanks to An Pluiméir Ceolmhar for starting this as it was a topic I was going to broach.

If anyone wants an alternative song for an session you may be at tonight this might fit the bill.

(Don Lange)

The night hawk flies and the owl cries as we're driving down the road
Listening to the music on the all night radio show
The announcer comes on says, "if you've got ideas I'll file a patent for you.
What good's an idea that's not in the store, makin' a buck or two?"

We drive to the town but the shutters are down and the all night restaurant closed
It's the land of the free we've got booze and TV and tramps in the telephone booths
The stars and the trees and the early spring breeze say forget what assassins have
Take the good soil in the palm of your hand and wait for tomorrow's sun

It's a long way from the heartland to Santiago Bay
Where the good doctor lies with blood in his eyes and the bullets read USA

A truck driver's life is a very strange life driving down the road
Carrying the goods, all the copper and wood. That's what makes American great
The dollars like swallows fly to the south where they know they've something to gain--
Allende is killed--the trucks are rolling again

The night hawk flies and the owl cries as we're driving down the road
The full moon reveals the houses and fields where good people do what they're told
A poet lies with coins in his eyes, there's no one around him to mourn
Who needs a poet who won't take commands, who'd rather make love than war?