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Posted By: Nerd
14-Sep-03 - 02:11 AM
Thread Name: David Grismans mandola stolen
Subject: RE: David Grismans mandola stolen
I saw Grisman out in Bozeman and the man began to cry
for they stole-a his mandola up the road in old Big Sky
He felt burned, and home returned, and then he loudly hollered "YES!"
Cause the axe was in a box delivered up by UPS


Oh the night they stole-a Grisman's Mandola
Well, he really felt the lack
Oh, he had a hole-a in his soul-a
til he got the sucker back

Well, the crook had been a schnook and so he couldn't sell the thing
And to deposit in his closet such a lovely mandoling
seemed so sad that he felt bad, in fact, as dirty as a hog...
So he placed it its case and sent it right on back to Dawg.


So the Moral of my storal is don't steal what isn't yours
You might end up in South Bend with Dawg's old Gilchrist in your drawers
If you covet--well what of it?--just don't let your conscience down
Or you'll have to pay the piper (or at least the man in Brown)