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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Sep-03 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Billy Barlow 3 (Civil war)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: BILLY BARLOW 2
One more, this one from Belden's Ballads and Songs Collected by the Missouri Folk-Lore Society (1940)

Now, gentleman, ladies, how do you do?
Here I come before you with one boot and one shoe.
I don't know how 'tis, but somehow 'tis so.
Now ain't this a hard case on Billy Barlow?
Oh, oh, alackaday oh,
Now ain't this a hard case on Mr. Barlow?

As I was going down the street 'tother day
I met two young ladies; I heard one of them say
That 'that chap, he's not so slow.'
'Guess not,' Says the other, 'that's Billy Barlow.'

I went out to the race-course 'tother day
And the man at the gate he asked me to pay.
'Pay for what?' says I, and I looked at him so.
'Pass on, stranger, you are Mr. Barlow.'

I went 'tother day to a caravan show
Where there was lions and monkeys and porcupines too,
But the man that shows them loses, I know,
For they can't cage such a beast as young Billy Barlow.*

The tailors in town are running after me,
They want the cut of my coat, that 's very plain to see.
But before they get it I'll teach them to know
They must shell out the cash to young Mr. Barlow.**

Alack and alas, I am tired of this life
And I've got in the notion to get me a wife.
So if any young lady is in want of a beau
She must let it be known to William Barlow.

*In the repeat 'beast' is changed to 'bird.'
**'Cash' becomes 'rhino' in the repeat.
Belden sounds almost apologetic about this tune, as well he should...

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What's the significance of "rhino"?