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Posted By: Jim Dixon
21-Sep-03 - 04:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords ADD: San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)^^^
Subject: Lyr Add: SAN ANTONIO ROSE (parody, Homer & Jethro)
(Homer & Jethro)

Deep within my heart, there's a sss-melody
Of Rose of old San Antone,
And it caused a stir when they deported her,
For she forgot the Alamo.

Oh, her hair reminds me of the deep blue sea:
Not wild, not wavy, it just makes me sick.
It was plain so see that her anatomy
Was beaten with an ugly stick.

She was pickin' cotton in old Mexico
And pluckin' chickens to make some dough.
Headed for the border, ridin' on a hoss,
Then that cotton-pickin' chicken plucker came across.

Out behind the hockshop, there we met and kissed.
I tried to get her alone.
Then I took her out in the moonlight and mist [or "missed"?]
My Rose, my Rose of San Antone.

Now old Rose is gone, and I've lost my love
And for her kisses I yearn.
Now I know she's with the angels up above
'Cause she was just too tough to burn.