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Posted By: Jim Dixon
21-Sep-03 - 10:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lonzo & Oscar Pig Song
Subject: Lyr Add: D-I-V-O-R-C-E (B-A-C-O-N & E-G-G-S)
Here's what Homer and Jethro sing. This is my transcription from The Record Lady's All-Time Country Favorites, Real Country Page 26. Unfortunately, the Record Lady doesn't give any origin information, but I'd bet Lonzo and Oscar and Iain MacKintosh got it from Homer and Jethro. Note that the following version identifies which is the chorus, puts the verses in a more logical order, and corrects one mondegreen.

D-I-V-O-R-C-E (B-A-C-O-N & E-G-G-S)

Our brood sow is four years old, a very smart little hog.
She's made us a real fine house pet, better than any dog.
And she's so smart we have to spell words we don't want her to guess,
Like H-A-M and S-P-A-R-E R-I-B-S.

CHORUS: We're a-havin' B-A-C-O-N and E-G-Gs for breakfast today,
And that's her U-N-C-L-E sizzlin' on my breakfast tray.
We're careful not to use L-A-R-D in her recipes,
But we can't stop eatin' B-A-C-O-N and E-G-Gs.

Watch her smile. Romance has found her. Yesterday she fell
Plumb in love with a F-O-O-T-B-A-double-L.
But look she's a-huggin' it so hard that all the air's comin' out,
And I can't bear to see them tears a-drippin' down her snout. CHORUS.