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22-Sep-03 - 10:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Blow the bloody doors off':American tra
Subject: RE: BS: 'Blow the bloody doors off':American tra
As a previous student of Films, I will say that most really great film plots from anywhere else that get recycled into Hollywood usually get dumbed down, if they are attempted to be remade at all.

I don't count "dubbing" a movies a making a US version of it, although that can dent it severely too.


Dumbed Down

The 7 Samuari ---> The Magnificient 7


All of the Jaques Tati films

But some independent directors have done a reasonable to sometimes very good job, although while you can see the same basic idea, the difference in culture changes the film severely.

can't remember the name of the movie now, but was made by the same director as 7 Samuari
------> A Fistful of Dollars