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23-Sep-03 - 07:31 PM
Thread Name: Origin: Donald Where's Your Trousers / ...Troosers
Subject: RE: Donald Where's Your Trousers
My paternal grandmother's name was True, originally Trew. So I did a little research on the name. Nobody asked, but I thought some of you might find this interesting. I did.

From the Irish Gaelic "trius" and the Scots Gaelic "triubhas" which were singular nouns used to denote "close fitting shorts." In Scotland, while Highlanders traditionally wore the kilt, Lowlanders generally wore what we now call "pants", a garment with legs that was drawn on over the feet (hence also the term "drawers"). In Gaelic these were referred to as "trews" or "trouse", the term being borrowed into English in the 16th century as "trewsers" or "trousers".

After the 1745 rising in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie (Chairlie) was put down by the English forces of King George II, the wearing of the kilt was proscribed. Many Highlanders had their kilts sewn into trews and "tartan trews" became a common form of apparel in the Highlands for many years.

Sources: Ayto, John, "Dictionary of Word Origins". Mackie, J.D., "A History of Scotland".

Reiver 2