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23-Sep-03 - 10:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Blow the bloody doors off':American tra
Subject: RE: BS: 'Blow the bloody doors off':American tra
Yes Mcgrath,

that's it!

Which is why Americans seem to fill up chat/emails with lots of LOL's whereas English/Australians/Canadians/New Zealanders, seem to be able to cope with ironic written statements. We have lots of younger aussies who do the same until things are quietly explained to them, and then they seem to catch on to the irony mach faster too. Maybe it's a case of expecting it...

Walrus ---> "Yojimbo"('The Bodyguard')

That's it. I thought the Baby Cart series was (although a bit slow!) was on the smae plane as the Spagetti Westerns... love them all .. once again there is often an implied ironic thread in them both.