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Posted By: Ralphie
24-Sep-03 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: Nic Jones Unearthed
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Unearthed
Guest Ian.

Couldn't agree more, both "Unearthed" and "In Search Of" should be in every record shop, supermarket, petrol station in the world..!!
Alongside all the Halliard Stuff, Penguin Eggs....and everything else
(Except illicit material of course!)

I think that the stumbling block is trying to get a distribution deal, which as I know is a tricky business,

As I understand it, most of the big chain shops in the UK only deal with 1 or 2 distributors when it comes to "niche" music. If you think about it, it's hardly surprising really, imagine trying to keep tabs on 100 or more individual recrd labels all sending you 20 or so CD's...Nightmare!!

So, to get ones product into Tower Virgin HMV etc, means that you have to get a deal with the "Distributor"...Maybe that is where the problem lies.

And having been so badly burnt by the industry in the past, I can perfectly understand the families concern about getting into bed with people that they don't know.
(Obviously the US is supplied by CAMSCO...Cheers Dick!)

So, essentially, that is where I think the stumbling block is...but, don't quote me, my repnsibility ended when "Umearthed" came out...Mind you it's nice to see the interest is still there

Regards Ralphie