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Posted By: Ralphie
24-Sep-03 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones Unearthed
Subject: RE: Nic Jones Unearthed
Leo..Mmmm..Thanks for confirming my suspicions re distributors..but, I suppose you can't really blame them, or the shops...It's just "units" of "product" to them...might as well be Gareth Gates or the Spice Girls for all they care, as long as they sell, sell, sell!!

The fact that we sad bastards out here, actually care about the artist, and know the history of the people concerned, matters not one jot to them...It's just another widget to sell..(Which reminds me, any news on the Celtic Music saga?)

And finally Leo...send a cheque to Mrs Jones at Mollie Music, and enjoy 3 or more hours of great songs and tunes, in the happy knowledge that the "Industry" hasn't had a penny of it ! (You might even get a personal note, if he's not walking the dog!)

Ian, I wasn't having a pop at you, honest, but Leos message sort of says it all.

As a very tiny company, Mollie Music has to be very careful how it deals with the business world. We might all be passionate about Nic and his music...but the sad fact is the Sony and Warner have never heard of him, and never will. and quite frankly, they probably don't give a shit, either.

Good job that there are some of us out there who do.

Best Wishes to you both, and may we continue to hope that One day we'll see Nic performing with Pans People (God that ages me!) on TOTP!

Regards Ralphie