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Posted By: GUEST,pdc
24-Sep-03 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Future of the UN
Subject: RE: BS: Future of the UN
Bobert, you said: "The future of the U.N. depends largely on the US's support and cooperation."

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, I think I would have agreed with that statement, despite the fact that the US had not paid its UN dues for years (billions of $ owed); the US at that time was still the only superpower in the world, and as well, had international sympathy for the 9/11 attacks.

Now, however, the playing field has changed considerably, I think. Bush not only went to war against the wishes of the UN, he did so with contempt, stating that the UN could become irrelevant, and invading on the basis of lies. He has cost the American economy billions and billions of dollars for a war he has no way of exiting, has taken the US from a surplus to a record deficit, is the only president since Woodrow Wilson (I believe) who has net job losses during his term, and has ignored domestic issues utterly.

Bush has also lost the confidence of the American people.

I think that when the US speaks now, the world no longer jumps. While Bush is at the helm, when the US speaks, much of the world laughs.

Under Bush's "leadership," the US has become, as it well ought to have, just another country.

I hope so.