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Posted By: Guy Wolff
24-Sep-03 - 06:37 PM
Thread Name: Review: Martin Carthy's new Martin
Subject: RE: Review: Martin Carthy's new Martin
I just had to add to this thread that Last week I went to see mudcatter CharlesK of Berkley and we met up at the fith String . Well in the middle of trying out thier Santa Crews guitars I said . These are great but Im waiting for the 0OO18 Martin is making to Martin Carthy's specks and he said " Oh this one ?" And handed me the guitar. So i said " We'll see if its that good for a new guitar HA ". Anyway Charles drove me to the airport (again) since I had a new guitar to carry.
          It is an amazing instroment ! It dose have a zero fret and the scalopping sounds like they set the struts differently. It is a very well balenced guitar. Its voice is even from bass to treble . It is very different from my 1949 018 . Not just louder but fuller. It realy is a perfect guitar for open tunings.
          I would not have it if it wasnt for CharlesK. Thanks so much. He drove me out to the airport and I have no idea how long it took him to get home but it was late.To late !!!! THis was way above and beond the call of duty and I thank him to the inside of my heart .
            Also thanks to Martin for giving The Martin Co the lead to make this great guitar. There are 84 in total out there . Go try one if you can find it !! For joy. For joy !!
          All the best to all here. Guy Wolff