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Posted By: Bobert
24-Sep-03 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Future of the UN
Subject: RE: BS: Future of the UN

I love ya, girl, but it takes lots of money to mount a serioue impeachment process and we, ahhhh, ain't got it.

The "right winged conspiracy" that Hilary Clinton talks about that went after Clinton was well funded. Millions of bucks. Meeetings every week with agendas and goals, just like a big corporation, except the mission was to take Clinton out! One way or another!

See, rich people hate the folks who's labor made them rich and they hate anyone that these folks like. Well, Clinton was a jerk, allright, but he had the respect of the working man and therefore.... he had to go.

Now look around you and see that *working* America is now working two jobs and mom and pop are working, ahhhh, just to get by. Not so on the other end of town where the money is piling up in the accounts of the rich.

So don't look fir *working* America to find the kind of money that the rich came up with to chase Clinton around the table fir 8 years that it takes to mount a serious impeachment...

Ain't gonna happen.... Might as well just get ready to knock on lots of doors next year.

And don't worry too much about the Green Party. Most of us understand that America can't survive another four years of the Bush regime and will be a' knockin' with you...