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25-Sep-03 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Future of the UN
Subject: RE: BS: Future of the UN
FWIW, the Israeli government bombed Iraq in '81, as I recall. There is a book out called "The Day Israel Saved The World". France and Germany, in the past 20 years, gave Saddam a great deal of nuclear technology as well as help with chemical and biological WMDs.

Kofi Annan was personally in charge of distributing the money in the "Oil For Food" program, and directed much of the three billion to himself and other third world dictators, warlords and terrorists.

I believe the UN "bill" was not payed by Clinton and had to be covered by the Bush administration. Also brings up point as to the amount of money we are charged: any amount the UN asks.

Similarities between Viet Nam and Iraq are minimal, unless you feel that they are both wars and you oppose all wars. That is certainly fair. We cannot conduct our type of conventional combat in a jungle, but Iraq is perfect. We can see everything except what is underground. Our total casualties in Iraq look a weekly toll from Viet Nam.

Latest polls in Iraq show that 92% of Iraquis are happy that Saddam is gone. Our biggest problem will be the bitter power struggle between factions, both ethnic and religious.