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Posted By: Don Firth
25-Sep-03 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Future of the UN
Subject: RE: BS: Future of the UN
The UN "bill" was not covered by the Bush administration, nor is it likely to be. The US has been stiffing the UN for years.

Ted Turner, who now and then seems to be one of the few (if any) enlightened billionaires in this country, donated one billion dollars to the UN because he said he felt that there was no sense in having that much money unless you can do something worthwhile with it (at the same time, he urged others with great wealth not to be such tight-asses and to start spreading some of it around), he felt the UN was one of the only hopes we had for the future, and he felt it was just a good thing to do. He made it clear, however, that this was a donation from him, and in no way should it be construed that it was intented for the purpose of paying off the debt the US owes to the UN. The US should pick up its own tab.

I would also like to know what documentation GUEST has that Kofi Annan is or was a "third world dictator."

Just to keep the record straight.

Don Firth