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Posted By: GUEST,petr
26-Sep-03 - 08:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Future of the UN
Subject: RE: BS: Future of the UN
why dont we ask the people of Srebrenica, or Rwanda for that matter
what they think?
It wasnt until the US with Nato intervened in Bosnia and Kosovo that things turned around. ANd without a security council resolution.
LIkewise for the past 50 years of the cold war, the only time there was a UN resolution for military action was Korea, mainly because the Russian delegate walked out and there was no veto.

certainly the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodian (which ended the Khmer rouge bloodbath) was an illegal act of war without UN sanction.
and this can be said for the overthrow of IDI Amin, BOkassa etc.

the great majority of members are dictatorships, satrapies.
it may be time to scrap it, and make a confederation of democracies.
instead of an organization that makes Libya chair of human rights.