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Posted By: AliUK
27-Sep-03 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who are the Welsh?
Subject: RE: BS: Who are the Welsh?
To my dismay, I was reading an article about the origins of the british today and found that CELT is actually an 18th century invention, genetically the british population has not changed ( and by this I mean the white non negroid, non-asian british) substantially since about 3,000 b.c. Infact we Brits tend to just take onb the identity and customs of whatever small force happens to bump into the British Isles from time to time, that the anciant britons had no genetic connection with the mainland gauls but yes took up their customs which were then handily adapted by the locals. So to say that the Welsh and Irish are celts would be wrong, the only real celts are bloody french!!