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Posted By: Santa
29-Sep-03 - 06:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who are the Welsh?
Subject: RE: BS: Who are the Welsh?
Pied Piper: So when it is said that the Welsh are related to the Basques, does this mean that a similar high frequency is found in Wales as in the Basque-speaking area, but nowhere else? Presumably sufficiently so to note some significance to it. It would be interesting to know the areas where lesser such peaks occur.

Dai: No, I couldn't possibly deny that mixing had occurred, but the old differences do seem to be maintained despite immigration. Environment vs heredity, probably.

I had mentioned the prehistoric/Somerset link earlier. Yes, another example. Surely there are many around in different parts of the country. It occurred to me to wonder whether this particular DNA evidence could be used to provide more evidence for the British wanderings post-Roman pre-Norman. This sort-of linked to other threads about Arthur, thus counting as folklore - well, -ish!

Mr Happy: The comment about Belgium is interesting. Is it specifically Welsh or generally P-Celtic?