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Posted By: Stu
29-Sep-03 - 06:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who are the Welsh?
Subject: RE: BS: Who are the Welsh?
Dai raises an interesting point about the'Meet the Ancestors', programme where a 4,000 year old man was found to have the same DNA as one of the modern inhabitants - a similar experiment in Cheddar revealed a direct link between a much older Palaeolitic skeleton and a schoolteacher who worked in the town.

It has also been suggested the 'Celtic' invasion, or the influx of the Beaker people 2000 b.c. was more of a cultural one than the actual arrival of continental settlers - a sweeping westward of artistic skills and religious thought. The ready assimilation of our indigenous religion to that of what would become Druidism certainly hints at a sea change in people's thought at those times (this is of course, largely speculation).

What both of these example illustrate is the possiblility that our ancestors simply didn't move about as much as perhaps was thought, and perhaps weren't displaced by subsequent invasions of the Germanic tribes as simply stayed put and kept their mouths shut - after all, King Alfred did make allowance for the Britons that still lived in Wessex at the time of his kingship.

Ichyd Da!