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01-Oct-03 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: Mass Morris London 02.11.03
Subject: RE: Mass Morris London 02.11.03
I'm sure a good case can be made for mumming to be covered by the exemption as a similar activity.

Here is the text of the recent letter sent by John Bacon:

Many thanks for the interest that you have shown with regard to the proposed day of dance in Trafalgar Square on 2 November 2003. We were inundated with requests to participate and in order to show the many facets of Morris dancing we had to be selective. As you are aware this day will be shared by all three Morris organisations and this has made the task even more difficult.

However I am pleased to say that your team is one of those, but before confirming you intention to attend, and making arrangements to travel, here are some of the details.

Trafalgar Square
1 - The three Morris organisations have booked the Square from 11.00 to 16.00hrs and officially there will be enough space for up to 5 dancing sites.
2 - On the basis that each dance site has three teams performing at any one time for one hour, the dance time will be approximately 20mins per team. How this is managed will depend on the teams at each site. (turn and turn about, or 20 mins straight off - it is up to you)
3 - During the day there will be 60 potential dancing slots divided between all three organisations on the assumption that there will be a break of about one hour during the middle of the day for massed dancing for those who wish. Based on our membership numbers, the Morris Federation has between 25 and 30 slots of 20 minutes each.
4 - The crunch is that each team may only get the opportunity to dance for 20 mins only in the Square. Limiting the teams from each organisation could improve the potential dance time but we have decided that we should go for as many teams as we can to get a good balance.
5 - So teams coming from a distance may decide that dancing in the Square once for 20 mins may not be worth it unless they can arrange other venues themselves in the vicinity.

We have also requested permission to dance on Parliament Green (near the Commons) - about 15 mins walk from the Square but this is not yet confirmed. But if it is it will give us greater flexibility to dance.

Apart from the Square, there are ample opportunities to busk around Trafalgar Square, in Green Park, St James Park, areas of the Mall etc etc - provided we you do not interfere with professional buskers. If you confirm that you are going to attend for your one/two scheduled timed spots in the Square, or Parliament Green (if we have permission), then you also have the opportunity to busk at other venues in your own time or to just support the other teams performing.

The day will not only show our support for the exemption that we have received under the new Licensing Act but also it will be a showcase of Morris, showing the public, traditional dances of this country.

A schedule of what time, and where to dance at the official spots will be forwarded within the next couple of weeks.

For your information the teams that this message has gone are as follows;
Knots of May
Knockhundred Shuttle and Clog
Wild Hunt
Jack Straws
Off Spring Morris
Fleur de Lys
Seven Champs
East Saxon Sword
Iron Men and Seven Gilders
New Esperance
Berkshire Bedlam
Elephant up the pole.
Rampant Rooster

Please can you confirm that you will be able to attend.


John Bacon - President