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Posted By: Mrrzy
02-Oct-03 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Sweet Sunny South: Is 'Massa' PI?
Subject: RE: Origins: Sweet Sunny South: Is 'Massa' PI?
I think I have been sadly misunderstood. I didn't not want to sing the song, it's one of my very favorites, but I was startled to see the word Massa when I saw the words written down, I think Charlie says Mossy (I used to think it was his old cow!)... not that I wouldn't sing it, but IS it a song purportedly of a slave longing for his place of slavery or not? It was a seeking INFO question, not a Oh no I can't sing this song any more question. I still sing that aforementioned lullaby, I just know what I'm singing when I do. (I used the term PI because it is the terme du jour, I thought, not as a proscriptive, a descriptive, device. So let's everybody get off their high horses, shall we, and answer the actual question?