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Posted By: NicoleC
03-Oct-03 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: No 'right to choose' this...
Subject: RE: BS: No 'right to choose' this...
I can speak for specific actions by the CSA, but why the outrage over it's existence?

Wait -- a man who creates a child is held legally responsible for that child. What a travesty! Men are being held just as responsible as the women are? Clearly, that's totally unfair. Men should be able to spray their sperm wherever they desire with no repercussions -- they just have to say they won't even bother to see the child.

Forced into bearing a future child and having previously donated sperm to fertilize an embryo are totally different scenarios.

The legal decision was just. I'm not even particularly sorry for the women, as they have other less selfish options if they really want to be mothers. FWIW, in the US the courts have also upheld that the right NOT to have a child is stronger than the right TO have a child in similar situations.