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Posted By: arkie
07-Aug-99 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: Conversation With Death
Subject: Conversation With Death
Need some information on the song Conversation With Death which was recorded by Lloyd Chandler on High Atmosphere on Rounder, Dock Boggs, as Oh, Death on Verve/Folkways, and Peter Bellemy on his 1983 LP Fair Annie.
The only words I have at this point are:

Oh, what is this, I cannot see,
With icy hands taking hold of me?
Oh, I am Death, none can excel,
I open doors of Heaven and Hell.
Oh Death, O Death how can it be,
That I must go with thee?
O Death, O death, I am unprepared for eternity.
Yes, I have come to get your soul,
To leave your body and leave it cold.
Your frame, the earth and the worms both have their claim.

Would like to know the source of the poem, when it was put to music, who put it to music, and any other information which pertains to the piece. Many thanks.

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