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Posted By: GUEST,freds
06-Oct-03 - 09:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
We have attempted to be your friends, but your silly insistence upon xenophobia seems to preclude any sort of intelligent and amicable interaction. To mock your betters is considered not only dangerous, but extremely bad manners by the rest of Civilization.

Before effecting Finality upon you, however, we have taken one step which might raise your level of gentility such that you can take your place in the Galactic Scheme (albeit at a very low level as a Self-Endangered Species). Should you fail in this, we will be forced, with great reluctance, to Finalize your pitiful little solar system.

Oh, yes. Bee-Dubya-Ell, Bubba Bubba is no longer looking for you. Herit has decided -- and tests have confirmed -- that such intelligent and lovely little hatchlings could never have shared any of your genetic materials and that they are the result of autoendoparthenogenesis after all. To whatever dim level your awareness is capable, however, you should know that ither's male-male progenitor is searching for you -- something about "breaking my little herit's hearts" and "trifling with ither's affections." He-he is carrying a weapon he-he obtained on this planet which is capable of projecting multiple small, round, leaden balls by means of the rapid oxidation of nitrocellulose initiated by a sharp blow to a small container of mecury fulminate. He-he is also carrying a large "straight razor" and a "baseball bat."

Should you care to know, the hatchlings will be stewed tomorrow.